Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New at this!

Well I'm new at this, can you tell? I've never done a blog like this so I'm going to tell you a little bout our self's.

Danny and I met my Senior year in high school and its been magic since, 26 years of magic. We have two wonderful boys Levi & Austin.

In our spare time we love to get a way, by that I mean taking a ride on our 2011 Harley Davidson Trike. We love the times we share on the bike. Exploring the great outdoors.

Levi is 21 , and a Junior in College, going towards his degree in Criminal Justice.
Austin is a Junior in High School- looking for a career in Welding, in the Marine Corps.

Hope they both hurry as I'm ready to retire! LOL.

Well I've given you a little bout our family tune in for more later.


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